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Health Management

The DEEPER Project: Augmenting the Understanding of Brain Disorders

2021 15 Feb

The Deep Brain Photonic Tools for Cell-Type Specific Targeting of Neural Disease (DEEPER) is a unique and ambitious venture putting together technologists, neuroscientists, and clinical experts with hi-tech companies. DEEPER involves 12 partners in 8 countries and is funded by the European Union with about 5.7 million Euros for the next four years.... Read more

ICU Management

COVID-19: Neurological Associations

2020 20 Jul

The most common manifestation of COVID-19 has been respiratory illness with a growing recognition of neurological sequelae. In this recent review, researchers take into consideration the neurological features of COVID-19 and summarise the evidence available to suggest an investigation framework to guide future studies. Before COVID-19, there were... Read more

IMAGING Management

New Imaging Tool: Probe Into the Brain

2015 03 Aug

A new imaging tool has allowed Boston scientists to look inside the brain of an adult mouse at a scale previously unachievable, generating images at a nanoscale resolution. The researchers' goal is to make the resource available to the scientific community in the form of a national brain observatory. Their work is reported in the journal Cell . The... Read more

IMAGING Management

Managing Incidental Findings Found During Neuroimaging

2015 31 Mar

Neuroimaging is an important diagnostic tool in the assessment of neurological disease, but often unmasks incidental findings (IFs). The negative impacts of IFs, such as patient anxiety, present neurologists with management dilemmas, largely due to the limited knowledge base surrounding the medical significance of these IFs. Specifically, the lack of... Read more