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Advances in NanoMRI Imaging

2015 30 May

Researchers from ETH Zurich (Switzerland) have developed a technique that greatly accelerates the speed of nanoMRI measurements — meaning a typical nanoMRI scan of two weeks can now be compressed to within two days. Their work, reported in the journal Applied Physics Letters , boosts nanoMRI's viability as a powerful tool for researchers and companies... Read more

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New X-Ray Technique Generates 3D Images of Viruses

2015 11 Mar

An multinational team of researchers led by Tomas Ekeberg from Uppsala University in Sweden has demonstrated that it is possible to determine the 3D structure of a virus by combining several diffraction patterns obtained from a sequence of randomly oriented single viruses. The technique does not depend on crystallisation, which is how scientists in... Read more

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Nobel Laureate Will Discuss Present and Future of Nanomedicine for Imaging and Treatment

2015 22 Jan

Nobel laureate Martin Chalfie, PhD, will be the keynote speaker at Cedars-Sinai’s 3rd Nanomedicine for Imaging and Treatment Conference on 13-14 March 2015. The biennial event will bring together two dozen experts from around the world to discuss emerging trends in the study and treatment of diseases at the molecular and atomic levels. During the conference,... Read more