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ICU Management

Potential Nutritional Strategies to Reduce Muscle Wasting in Early Critical Illness

2016 30 May

This review will briefly discuss the potential role of nutrition and the  schedule of delivery on reducing skeletal muscle wasting in early critical illness. Increasing numbers of patients are surviving critical illness due to treatment advances in the early management of acutely unwell patients. This survival advantage is reflected as an increase... Read more

ICU Management

Volume 16 - Issue 2, 2016

2016 27 May

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ICU Management

Possible Cause for Chronic Muscle Dysfunction After ICU

2016 12 Apr

ICU-acquired weakness (ICAUW) in some patients can last a long time, even when the biologic functions that cause muscles to waste have returned to normal. A pilot study led by respirologist Dr. Jane Batt , MD, PhD (pictured), from the Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada, found that long term muscle... Read more

ICU Management

Study: Restoring Muscle after Sepsis in Mice

2015 21 Dec

Researchers may have uncovered the reason why many patients diagnosed with sepsis suffer debilitating muscle impairment long-term after recovery. Results of their study, published in Nature Communications , suggest that a therapeutic approach based on mesenchymal stem cell transplantation may be effective in restoring muscle capacity.    Sepsis is... Read more