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ICU Management

Prevention and Management of Burnout in the ICU

2020 02 Feb

In recent years, growing awareness of the burnout syndrome (BOS) has increased the number of initiatives that address clinician wellness and to understand the importance of detecting, addressing, mitigating, and preventing burnout.  Some examples of these initiatives include those by the National Academy of Medicine (NAM), American Medical Association... Read more

ICU Management

10 Ways to Address Moral Distress in the ICU

2016 24 Sep

Moral distress is a reality and should be addressed by a culture of frank disclosure and good team communication. Although it is hard to find the time and space to do this, there are things that can help, says paediatric intensivist, Daniel Garros, writing in Frontiers in Pediatrics. Garros, Staff intensivist, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, University... Read more

ICU Management

End-of-Life Decisions in the ICU Impact Nurses, Doctors

2016 07 Jun

End-of-life decision making in the ICU can impact not only the families of patients, but also doctors, nurses and hospital rapid response teams. Effect on Doctors and Nurses A literature review published in Australian Critical Care by Liz Flannery and colleagues from the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Western Sydney, Australia,... Read more