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IMAGING Management

New Way to Image Single Molecules in ‘True Colour’

2015 21 Aug

A Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) team has invented a new technology to image single molecules with unprecedented spectral and spatial resolution, thus leading to the first "true-colour" super-resolution microscope. By delivering both spatial and spectral information for each molecule, this imaging technique enables new ways to... Read more

Executive Health Management

2nd Technology Transfer for Biologics

2015 05 Oct

Once you have established biologic efficacy and safety in early clinical material, your company’s real challenges are only beginning. Replicating the synthesis and bioanalysis of your biologic at different settings and among licensing or manufacturing partners introduces the risk of facility-based errors. And in order to commercialize your biologic,... Read more

IMAGING Management

Combination of Imaging Methods Improves Diagnostics

2015 21 Feb

Researchers in Germany have succeeded in a breakthrough for the further development of contrast agents and consequently improved diagnostics with imaging using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) procedures. Using a new technique called imaging mass spectrometry (MALDI-MS imaging), they were able to determine the tissue-related kinetics of the contrast... Read more

IMAGING Management

New Hyperpolarisation Agents: Sharper Images, Safer Patients

2014 06 Oct

A team of scientists from French and Swiss research centres have developed a new generation of hyperpolarisation agents that can be used to enhance the signal intensity of imaged body tissues without causing harm to the patient. Their work has been published in PNAS , the official journal of the United States National Academy of Sciences (NAS). Data... Read more