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COVID-19: Immunity-Based Strategies are ‘Flawed’

2020 16 Oct

Public health measures aiming to achieve ‘herd immunity’ are criticised by a multidisciplinary group of researchers who call it "a dangerous fallacy unsupported by the scientific evidence".   You might also like: Global COVID-19 Response: “A Collective Failure”   In the John Snow Memorandum , an open letter published in The... Read more

Alternating Lockdowns and Relaxation for Pandemic Control

2020 26 May

An international team of researchers has analysed several scenarios of non-pharmaceutical COVID-19 interventions in 16 countries and outlined an effective strategy of alternating lockdown and relaxation cycles.   You may also like: Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions – What’s Next?   Since there are still no proven treatments or vaccines... Read more

Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions – What’s Next?

2020 04 May

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the world on hold these past months with major social and economic consequences. Now in many countries the restrictions are about to be or already being lifted, and it is crucial for policymakers to accurately predict how the spread of the virus will change over time.   You may also like : Policy, Guidance... Read more