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ICU Management

Abnormal microcirculation increases mortality in critically ill patients

2018 06 Jun

In a general ICU population, an abnormal microcirculation at baseline is an independent predictor for mortality, according to results of the MicroDAIMON (Microcirculation DAIly MONitoring in critically ill patients) study. In this setting, additional routine daily microcirculatory monitoring did not reveal extra prognostic information.  The... Read more

ICU Management

Study: Hyperoxia Alters Microcirculation in Healthy Volunteers

2015 19 Jan

Hyperoxia may induce vasoconstriction and alter endothelial function. However, recent data suggest a potential therapeutic role of normobaric hyperoxia (NH) in sepsis and cerebral ischaemia. In this study, researchers evaluated the effects of NH on the microcirculation in 40 healthy adult volunteers using side-stream dark field (SDF) video-microscopy... Read more