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Imaging Method Detects Early Metastasis in Lymph Nodes

2015 25 May

A new, highly sensitive ultrasound-guided technique can noninvasively identify metastatic cells in lymph nodes, providing a rapid tool for detecting cancer’s spread at its earliest stages, which is critical for timely treatment. The technology, developed at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, is reported... Read more

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microRNAs May Limit Cancer Spread

2015 08 Feb

In the recent issue of the journal Oncotarget, Ralph Weichselbaum, chairman of radiation oncology and co-director of the Ludwig Center for Metastasis Research at the University of Chicago, and his colleges present a glimpse of oligometastasis.   Oligometastasis refers to a stage of cancer in which a primary tumour has spawned only a few localised... Read more