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2011 10 Oct

Hospital mergers are an increasingly common phenomenon in the healthcare sector but how can we successfully manage such radical changes? (E)Hospital spoke to Dr. Soki Choi, a consultant, teacher and researcher from the Karolinska Institute to find out more about the topic. Dr. Choi performed an extensive study of the flagship merger of two Swedish...Read more

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2014 13 May

Patent expiry, together with an increase in generic competition in the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, is expected to bring a number of deals. According to newly released analysis from Frost & Sullivan entitled “Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Trends in the Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry”, evolving conditions...Read more

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2015 28 Jan

The Irish High Court has sanctioned the merger of Medtronic with Covidien, a $48 billion deal which results in a new entity known as Medtronic plc. The merger relocates the new company’s legal headquarters to Ireland, where Covidien has been based. The move of Minnesota-based Medtronic to Ireland was not without controversy, with progressive politicians...Read more

IT Management


2015 13 Oct

Dell Inc. and EMC Corporation signed a definitive agreement today under which Dell will acquire EMC Corporation. This acquisition will result in a merger of two of the greatest technology franchises in the world.  Dell will buy EMC Corp for $67 billion and is all set to create a record in the technology industry. With this acquisition, Dell aims...Read more

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2016 18 Apr

While healthcare reform and the transition to delivering value-based care are pushing merger, acquisition and partnership (MAP) activity to ever-higher levels in the U.S., a survey suggests that a number of reasons are driving this growing phenomenon as healthcare leaders continue to look beyond their own organisations to survive and thrive....Read more

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2017 12 Sep

Healthcare has seen an increase in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in recent years. M&A deal activity reached an all-time high in 2015, with consulting firm Deloitte expecting such activity to remain strong going forward. While M&A transactions are often pursued for strategic and economic reasons, Human Resources (HR) needs to be involved...Read more

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2017 17 Oct

Healthcare has seen accelerated consolidation activity in recent years. In 2015 alone, the number of hospital mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals reached 102. There were 90 M&A transactions recorded last year. A new analysis however reveals that the finances of acquired hospitals generally suffer for two years after the merger. During this post-M&A...Read more

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2020 03 Jan

Hospital mergers have been on the rise in recent years, with the pace accelerating since 2010. A recent study showed that the trend had no significant impact on readmission rates or mortality rates while the patient experience was negatively affected. You may also like: Hospital Mergers: Managing Complex Change in a Complex Environment...Read more

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2020 08 Oct

During the past decade, healthcare systems have been expanding their avenues to serve countries around the globe, breaking free from conventional norms. Today, these organisations are on the lookout for well-planned strategies to accelerate the growth patterns and increase cost efficiency. The key to meet these goals necessitates merger and acquisition (M&A)...Read more

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2021 14 Oct

Analyst firm, Kaufman Hall, prepared a report for the American Hospital Association (AMA) to determine the benefits of partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions for hospitals. For some hospitals, these transactions are the necessary response to the many pressures hospitals now face. These pressures are:   Beneficiaries of Medicare or Medicaid...Read more