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Health Management

Smart Diagnostics

2020 29 Aug

Diagnostics in healthcare has always been an area that has been downplayed. That is probably why inaccurate and/or delayed diagnosis is something that has persisted in this field for decades. It is a systemic problem that continues to have an impact on patient treatment and outcomes.  The solution could potentially lie in smart diagnostics... Read more

Health Management

Junior Faculty Support: How To Do It and Why It Matters

2020 29 Aug

An overview of the themes of support from the perspective of junior faculty- the sequence of required processes, the breakdown of these processes and actionable courses that should be taken, both individual and/or institution-based. Key Points Junior faculty should be assigned a mentor prior to their arrival at an institution.... Read more

ICU Management

Professional Coaching Intervention and the Well-being of Physicians

2019 18 Aug

Burnout is a major problem among physicians. Clinicians who are at the front line of care are especially at high risk. Burnout is not just one simple issue; it can have a negative impact on the quality of care, the patient-doctor relationship, physician productivity, and doctor turnover. There are many factors that could lead to burnout. These include... Read more

IMAGING Management

Mentorship - Key to Ensuring the Future of Radiology

2017 13 Mar

Mentoring is an important component of academic medicine, yet it is not specifically emphasised in radiology training, according to a review to appear in the journal Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology. Researchers found that many academic radiology departments in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere do not have formal mentoring programmes for medical... Read more

Executive Health Management

Malpractice: Mentorship Gone Wrong

2016 12 Apr

Much has been written about what makes a good mentorship relationship. This, perhaps, gives the false impression that all mentor-mentee partnerships are productive ones from which both parties benefit. But there are several models of mentorship relationships that are not advantageous and it is the mentee, the vulnerable student trying to gain... Read more