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#ECR2019: Imaging mental disorders

2019 01 Mar

Mental health has become a global pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports one out of four people will suffer from mental disorder in their lifetime.  Breaking new ground as is customary for ECR , this year special attention was given to the need for brain  imaging in psychiatry . Prof. Jean-Pierre Pruvo head of the... Read more

Psychiatric Drug Development – A Dry Pipeline?

2014 08 Nov

Key Points • Psychiatric drugs are among the most profitable products for the pharmaceutical industry. • Despite this, investment in psychiatric drug development continues to decline. • A major reason may be the fact that there has been no major breakthrough in this area of drug development for the last thirty years. • Several “me-too” products have... Read more

Critical Illness Survivors at Risk of Psychiatric Diagnoses, Increased Medication Use

2014 19 Mar

Findings of a study published in the March 19 issue of JAMA show that following their hospital discharge, critically ill patients receiving mechanical ventilation had a higher prevalence of prior psychiatric diagnoses and an increased risk of a new psychiatric diagnosis and medication use. As medical care advancements lead to a larger number... Read more

Our Emotional Map: The Body Atlas Revealed

2014 02 Jan

Where do we feel love? And how about getting cold feet? Green with envy? According to research, the most commonly experienced emotions activate powerful bodily sensations, and the bodily maps of these feelings are topographically different for various emotions. The sensory patterns showed consistency across West European and East Asian cultures,... Read more