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Executive Health Management

U.S. Medical Students with Marginalised Identities Report Mistreatment, Discrimination, and Burnout

2022 09 May

According to a Yale University study, U.S. medical students that identify as having marginalised identities (female, non-white, lesbian, gay or bisexual, or any combination of these) reported higher mistreatment, discrimination, and exhaustion.   Mistreatment during medical training has been often associated with burnout. Given that students belonging... Read more

Executive Health Management

Medical schools promote desperately-needed leadership training

2018 25 May

Healthcare systems are evolving rapidly and medical schools need to keep up by strengthening programmes to help physician leaders master the diverse skills necessary to navigate emerging challenges in the field, according to a new Perspective article published in the New England Journal of Medicine.   "Academic medicine has been somewhat complacent... Read more