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Premier Inc. Celebrates a Decade of Showcasing the Latest Medical Innovations at Annual Conference

2018 20 Jun

Premier Inc., a leading healthcare improvement company, celebrated a decade of showcasing innovative products during its Innovation Celebration last night. The annual event honors supplier commitment to industry-leading healthcare advancements. “We are so proud to have been able to spotlight dozens of ground-breaking products over the past decade”... Read more

NextMed / MMVR22 (Medicine Meets Virtual Reality)

2016 07 Apr

Medicine Meets Virtual Reality   was conceived in 1991 to explore the healthcare utilization of rapidly evolving computing and communications technologies. Physicians, educators, scientists, and engineers gathered to assess how patient care and medical education could be enhanced by increasingly powerful and affordable computers and the newly... Read more

12th RSM Medical Innovations Summit

2016 16 Apr

The Royal Society of Medicine is delighted to host its 12th Medical Innovations Summit and would like to invite you to a day of inspirational presentations by extraordinary innovators and entrepreneurs. You will be able to enjoy a packed and stimulating day, which might well prove unforgettable. Come and meet individuals who are driven to achieve... Read more

2nd Annual Global Hospital Management and Innovation Summit

2016 26 May

Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and other medical establishments are viewed as organizations of hope by the diseased or ill people. Similar to other industries, medical establishments are structured institutions. Sophisticated processes and efficient manpower are required to manage the procedures at the hospital. Hospital management involves... Read more


2016 13 Jun

SMACC held its first meeting in March 2013, in Sydney, Australia. With no formal backing from any college, society or university, this Conference attracted an amazing 700 delegates from the FOAM (Free Open Access Medical education) community. The second meeting, smaccGOLD, was held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre in Queensland, Australia in March... Read more

New Imaging Technique Reduces Risk in Gallbladder Surgery

2015 05 Nov

Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) have developed a new imaging technique to reduce the risk of patients sustaining bile duct injury during gallbladder surgery. The new technique was developed through the BioDesign: Medical Innovation programme, a collaboration between the university and Hadassah Medical Center. Laparoscopic... Read more

Top Medical and Imaging Technologies 2015

2015 30 Sep

Flexible and less expensive healthcare solutions are becoming more widely available, thanks to an array of sophisticated inventions in medical devices, diagnostics and imaging. These healthcare innovations play a critical role in managing the increasing frequency of chronic diseases around the globe, according to a new report from Frost & Sullivan.... Read more

Innovation for Hospital IT Solutions

2015 21 Sep

Innovative ideas in healthcare lead to more efficiency and better delivery of care, and hopefully improved outcomes. Many healthcare innovations have come from the work of scientists and researchers. These new ideas or techniques were reported in academic and medical journals; over time, they were incorporated into the actual practices of clinicians.... Read more

HealthAchieve 2015

2015 02 Nov

The signature conference and exhibition of the Ontario Hospital Association for over 90 years, HealthAchieve has long been one of the largest and most respected health care events in North America – the preeminent gathering place for health care and business leaders. After celebrating 90 years of innovation and inspiration, HealthAchieve is bringing... Read more