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ICU Management


2023 30 Nov

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ICU Management


2023 30 Nov

This article explores how pervasive and persuasive the internet is in current critical care practice, offers insights into how healthcare professionals, patients and fami­lies can critically appraise where information comes from and its content producers and discusses the opportunities and threats posed by AI on the physicians/team-patient/family...Read more

IT Management


2022 22 Sep

Scientists created a digital mask using three-dimension (3D) reconstruction and deep learning algorithms to remove identifiable features from facial images.   The research team, from the University of Cambridge and Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China, ensured the mask will be able to identify signs of disease required for diagnosis....Read more

Health Management


2021 12 Jul

Case Study: Amyloidosis on Portal of Mayo Clinic et al. In the age of constantly accessible Internet, would-be patients and healthcare professionals often “Google it” when faced with an ailment or an unusual symptom or condition. In order to test how reliable and consistent the information is that is found there, we conducted a review of several...Read more

Health Management


2018 25 Jan

A snapshot on the future of healthcare. Read more

IT Management


2015 22 Jun

Calgary Scientific Inc., a company known for creating innovative technology for the medical industry and beyond, has announced that Dave Waldrop has been named Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing. Dave is also a member of Calgary Scientific’s Office-of-the-President, a four member team of senior executives responsible for collaboratively...Read more

IT Management


2014 15 Jul

Use of smartphones and tablets among health professionals has been on the rise in recent years. These handheld devices offer easy access to vast amounts of information via the internet and healthcare applications (apps). Today's clinicians use handheld computers to search the internet for evidence and guidance on drugs and clinical conditions, use...Read more

IT Management


2014 16 May

A California startup has developed a tool that allows medical professionals to share their knowledge, and opinions, of various treatments on a point-of-care platform. SharePractice provides peer reviews of procedures and products to facilitate clinical decision-making. Experience as Evidence Andrew Brandeis, MD, founded the company after...Read more

IT Management


2014 29 Apr

More than 19,000 clinicians across the entire country of Denmark will have quick, easy access to medical reference material via state-of-the-art clinical search engine  Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, has announced Denmark’s decision to provide access to Elsevier’s ClinicalKey...Read more