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Malpractice: CT Scan Reading Errors Cause Patient Injury

2019 11 Dec

Errors in interpreting imaging studies, particularly CT scans, are the leading cause of patient injury involving diagnostic radiologists, according to a study by malpractice insurer The Doctor’s Company. You might also like: Radiologist Risks in Communicating Unexpected Findings The study analysed about 600 malpractice claims against... Read more

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AI ethical-legal issues: CAR White Paper

2019 10 Apr

Artificial intelligence ( AI ) software that analyses medical images is becoming increasingly prevalent. However, the promise of AI as a tool for promoting and enhancing personalised medicine can only be fulfilled with access to large quantities of medical data from patients. This data could be used for purposes such as predicting disease, diagnosis,... Read more

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Malpractice: Mentorship Gone Wrong

2016 12 Apr

Much has been written about what makes a good mentorship relationship. This, perhaps, gives the false impression that all mentor-mentee partnerships are productive ones from which both parties benefit. But there are several models of mentorship relationships that are not advantageous and it is the mentee, the vulnerable student trying to gain... Read more

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Which States Do Doctors Misbehave Most in the U.S.?

2016 28 Mar

In fact, the percentage of doctors in the U.S. who get disciplined or pay a malpractice claim is four times less in some states than in others, a study by a pair of University of Michigan Medical School researchers showed. And since there probably isn’t a fourfold difference in the actual behaviour of doctors, the reason for this difference... Read more

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Malpractice Risk Lower For Doctors Who Spend More

2015 10 Nov

According to a study conducted by researchers at USC, Harvard University and Stanford University, physicians who spend greater resources and money on patient tests and procedures are at a lower risk of being sued for malpractice. The study is published in BMJ.   The findings suggest that defensive medicine - where doctors do more for patients because... Read more

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Ultrasound Quality is Operator Dependent

2015 27 Mar

The increase in the supply of ultrasound performance has remained unabated during the past decade. Its application has recorded a continuous expansion in indications and clinical use. However, the risks of errors in diagnostic consumerism, with consequent multiplication of exams, often redundant, are also on the rise, according to a report appearing... Read more

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Changes That May Affect Physicians' Pay in 2015

2014 30 Nov

Several developments are expected in the year 2015 with respect to the income of physicians. While some changes will be troubling, others may garner more positive reactions. Some of the key changes to look out for include: Higher Deductibles.  In 2015, physicians will have to deal with the problem of high deductibles ($1,000 or more). According... Read more

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Telenursing: Proper Communication Avoids Malpractice Claims

2014 14 Oct

Telephone advice nursing, or ‘telenursing’ including telephone triage, is defined as the practice of providing ‘a component of telephone nursing practice that focuses on assessment, prioritisation, and referral to the appropriate levels of care’ and ‘identifying the nature and urgency’ of a caller's or patient's needs'. In Sweden, the service is called... Read more

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Oesophageal Cancer Screening: Low Risk of Liability Claims

2014 30 Sep

A study which appears in the October 1 issue of JAMA reports that liability claims against physicians are similarly low for acts of commission and acts of omission in oesophageal cancer screening. Claims alleging complications from screening procedures, as well claims accusing doctors of failure to perform them, were found to be relatively rare. The... Read more