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Cardiology Management

Low-Carb Diet is Better Irrespective of Weight

2019 04 Jul

A new study published in JCI Insight confirms the belief that a high intake of carbohydrates is unhealthy, whether a person is trying to lose weight or not. A low-carb, high-fat diet improves the metabolic syndrome, whether our weight changes or not. Improvement in metabolic syndrome refers to a reduction in waist circumference, triglycerides,... Read more

IMAGING Management

MRI Technology to Map Body Fat

2019 20 Jun

A research team led by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) Prof. Iris Shai has published a significant long-term study on the impact of Mediterranean and low-carb diets and exercise, measuring their impact with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology to map body fat. In the study, "The Beneficial Effects of Mediterranean Diet Over... Read more