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BK Virus Thrives After Kidney Transplantation Despite Use of Levofloxacin

2014 17 Nov

According to a new study, a three-month course of levofloxacin following kidney transplantation did not prevent the BK virus from appearing in the urine. The administration of levofloxacin was associated with an increased risk of adverse effects such as bacterial resistance. The study will be released at the American Society of Nephrology’s annual... Read more

Excessive Use Increasing Antimicrobial-Resistant Infections

2014 08 Oct

According to a recent survey, approximately 50 percent of hospitalised patients were receiving antimicrobial drugs and around half of these patients were receiving two or more antimicrobial drugs. In majority of the cases, the antimicrobial had been prescribed for infection treatment. However, based on factors such as lack of indication or incorrect... Read more