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IMAGING Management

Imaging Study Shows Spinal Cord Learns on Its Own

2015 03 Jul

A groundbreaking imaging study published in PLOS Biology shows that the spinal cord engages in its own learning of motor tasks independent of the brain. The new findings may provide new opportunities for rehabilitation after spinal cord injury, according to researchers.. Using a 3.0T MRI scanner, the researchers performed functional magnetic resonance... Read more

ICU Management

ESICM 2014: Learning Happens Even During Crises

2014 15 Oct

The image of residents taking part in rounds to hone their clinical skills is a familiar one. In the context of intensive care, and frequent medical crises, how can this learning take place? The tension between the dual responsibility of patient care and optimal learning is felt in many medical disciplines, but learning interactions have rarely been... Read more

ICU Management

Comic Books Explain ICU, Stroke To Kids

2014 23 Jun

The sudden hospitalisation of a family member is traumatic for anyone old enough to understand the circumstances and consequences of a health emergency. For children left confused and frightened by a family illness, two new comic books have come to the rescue, featuring five superheroes called Medikidz who explain the human body in all its functions... Read more