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England to Introduce Deemed Consent for Organ Donation

2020 10 Mar

Starting 20 May 2020, a new law will be implemented in England regulating a new system of deemed, or presumed consent for routine organ and tissue donation. All adults will be considered to have no objection to becoming a donor after they die, unless they have prior registered their decision to ‘opt out’ or confirmed being part of an excluded... Read more

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3D-Printed Kidney Model Allows Surgeons to Successfully Transplant Adult Kidney into Two-Year-Old

2017 13 May

For the first time ever, surgeons at  Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust  have been able to transplant an adult kidney into a two-year-old child, using 3D Printing to achieve this complex surgery. (left to right) Lucy's brother Daniel, Lucy's mum Ciara, Lucy's dad Chris and Lucy. Picture credits Guy's and St Thomas'... Read more

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Specialist Nurses Help Boost Transplant Figures

2015 03 Aug

In Ireland, the number of transplants this year has increased following the appointment of six nurses in hospitals across the country who liaise with bereaved families about donating a loved one's organs. So far, 157 transplants have been performed, involving 47 deceased donors and 17 living donors. For 2015, authorities say, the overall target is... Read more

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Mayo Study: AKI Kidneys Can Be Safely Transplanted

2015 07 Apr

New research published in the American Journal of Transplantation indicates that some kidneys affected by Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) may be safely used for transplantation. The revelation that such kidneys might be useful to patients awaiting organ transplantation can help to alleviate the current shortage of kidneys in the US. The single-site study... Read more

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Organ Donors Who Need Kidneys Go to Top of Transplant List

2014 08 Dec

Based on a new study in the US, living organ donors who later need a kidney go to the top of the transplant waiting list and get excellent-quality kidneys compared to their counterparts who were not donors. The finding tends to confirm that a US policy giving priority to previous organ donors on the transplant waiting list is working, according to Dr.... Read more

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More Men Than Women Receive Haemodialysis Treatment

2014 01 Nov

According to a new study conducted by Manfred Hecking with Friedrich Port and colleagues from Arbor Research Collaborative for Health in Ann Arbor, Michigan, fewer women than men are treated for dialysis for end-stage kidney disease. The study was a comprehensive sex-specific analysis of differences in treatment and has been published in PLOS... Read more

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Largest US Kidney Chain Resumes Transplants

2014 07 Jul

The largest ongoing single-site kidney transplant chain in the US will continue with six transplant surgeries scheduled for the week of 7 July. Since early December 2013, 21 living donors and 21 recipients have participated in the paired organ exchange at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Hospital. The chain was paused on 23 May.... Read more

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Kidney Transplant Chain Saves Six Lives In Australia

2014 10 Jun

Australia’s largest paired kidney exchange saved the lives of six people in recent weeks, but the number of lives affected by the operation reaches into the hundreds. In addition to the families of the recipients who will enjoy the extended lives of their loved ones, more than 200 medical staff contributed to the successful simultaneous surgeries.... Read more

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Kidney Transplant Better Than Home Haemodialysis

2014 27 May

Patients who undergo a kidney transplant have better long-term outcomes than those who receive intensive haemodialysis at home, according to a study appearing in a forthcoming issue of JASN: the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Although kidney transplant patients survive longer than those who receive home haemodialysis, the study... Read more