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ICU Management

Antimicrobial Use for IAI: New Guidance

2016 11 Oct

Guidance on empiric antimicrobial therapy for patents with intra-abdominal infections (IAI) has been drawn up by a task force from 79 countries, the  Antimicrobials: A Global Alliance for Optimizing their Rational Use in Intra-Abdominal Infections- AGORA project. The experts recommend timely effective source control with appropriate antimicrobial therapy... Read more

Pharmacy Management

FDA Approves New Antibiotic Avycaz

2015 01 Mar

The FDA has approved the combination of ceftazidime-avibactam (CAZ-AVI). The antibiotic under the brand name of Avycaz will be marketed by Forest Laboratories and is indicated to treat adults with complicated intra-abdominal or urinary tract infections, including kidney infections. Ceftazidime is a third generation of cephalosporin that was approved... Read more