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ICU Management

5th SG-ANZICS Asia Pacific Intensive Care Forum

2017 11 Oct

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ICU Management

2017 15 May

Over time, I think we are going to recognise that we can’t continue to develop or introduce new technology. Because of cost we are going have to be satisfied with the technologies that we have. I think the future of intensive care will be smaller as people get healthier. They are going to be less likely to come into intensive care units and more likely... Read more

ICU Management

2017 27 Apr

Wikipedia defines intensive care medicine as a branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and management of life-threatening conditions requiring sophisticated organ support and invasive monitoring. 1 To this, I would add the line ‘for the patient’s benefit’ since this alters the above definition fundamentally.    Intensive care is an all-encompassing... Read more

ICU Management

Are Newly Licensed Intensivists Prepared for Practice?

2017 21 Feb

A study in the Netherlands indicates that recently licensed intensivists are well prepared for most tasks in intensive care medicine (ICM). However, lower preparedness scores on tasks related to leadership and management, science, and professional development call for re-evaluation of the current curriculum. The findings will be published in Journal... Read more

ICU Management

Webinar "Surviving Sepsis Guidelines 2016: What do you need to know?"

2017 30 Jan

To follow the recent publication of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign’s (SSC) updated guidelines 2016 in Intensive Care Medicine ESICM will also organise an interactive Webinar "Surviving Sepsis Guidelines 2016: What do you need to know?" hosted by ESICM President Massimo Antonelli (Moderator) and SSC Co-Chair Andrew Rhodes (Presenter). This webinar will... Read more