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Patient-Centered Care: Building the Connected Healthcare Enterprise

2016 06 Apr

CIOs and Health IT Leaders Talk Integration, Interoperability and Images INTRODUCTION Clinical studies have long proven that patient-centered care reduces variability, improves quality in clinical practice and patient outcomes and reduces cost. This is the shared goal of healthcare’s Triple Aim: Simultaneously improving the health of the population,... Read more

IMAGING Management

VuCOMP Announces Milestone for Development of Computer-Aided Detection for Breast Tomosynthesis

2015 25 Jun

VuCOMP, Inc., leading developer of advanced computer vision systems for the detection of breast cancer, is pleased to announce the successful completion of the development of structured reporting (SR) for CAD marks for digital breast tomosynthesis images.With this feature, VuCOMP has added the tomosynthesis slice information into the SR so that workstations... Read more