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Executive Health Management

Incentive Programme for Complex Care Patients: Failed

2016 16 Aug

Incentive payments to primary care physicians for the provision of care for patients with complex health conditions did not improve primary care or decrease hospitalisations in British Columbia, found a study in CMAJ ( Canadian Medical Association Journal ). "There is no evidence that the introduction of incentive payments to physicians changed... Read more

IT Management

Improve Cybersecurity: Fire CEOs?

2016 04 Apr

With healthcare cybersecurity taking a series of hits in recent months and the problem on the rise as hackers become more sophisticated, one expert says it is time to examine the administration of hospitals and incentivise employees to create a culture of security. “Many executives have taken the view that cybersecurity is control of people, limiting... Read more

Executive Health Management

Nurses Need Festive Cheer Too

2015 28 Dec

The holiday season is generally a time to celebrate but with the celebration, it also brings stress and anxiety. The season is especially stressful for healthcare providers as nobody - both healthcare workers and patients - do not want to spend their holidays in the hospital.  An article in Becker's Hospital Review highlights the need for hospitals... Read more