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Benefits of Imaging Exams Access Through Patient Portal

2020 18 Jun

If patients are able to use an online portal to access their imaging exams, this may have major benefits for patients’ quality of life and help reduce overall costs for both users and hospitals.   You might also like: Better Outcomes Through Patient Portals   A team at the National Institute for Infectious Diseases Radiology... Read more

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Enhancing the patient experience with video information

2018 20 Feb

Modern-day devices to help the modern-day patient. How the use of video information and modern-day devices can help with patients who are dealing with anxiety in anticipation of radiology testing and treatment. In December 2015, Boca Raton Regional Hospital’s imaging services department was selected and honoured as one of seven grant recipients by... Read more

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Hi-tech Imaging Pushing Up Thyroid Cancer Rates

2015 11 Sep

Increased detection of low-risk cancers through the use of high-tech imaging is driving up thyroid cancer rates, according to a Mayo Clinic study published in the journal Thyroid . Researchers found that the number of new cases of thyroid cancer nearly doubled over the past decade, with nearly 30 percent of these recent cases diagnosed when clinicians... Read more

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Treatment Delay for Lung Cancer Patients

2015 30 Jul

According to researchers, patients suspected of having lung cancer may wait too long to receive treatment, and too many patients skip vital diagnostic steps that are needed to help determine the best possible treatment. They encourage patients undergoing surgery for lung cancer to ask questions (eg, what treatment is best for them) and take active role... Read more

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Paediatric Medical Imaging: The Three ‘Rights’

2014 17 Jul

In order to promote the safe and effective use of medical imaging, the Mayo Clinic has started a collaborative effort to ensure that a national protocol is put into action. This initiative, published online in the Journal of Patient Safety, calls for the American College of Radiology, the Joint Commission, the Intersociety Accreditation Commission... Read more

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An Experience in Teleradiology:

2013 28 Nov

A Canadian Solution for Collaboration and Quality Assurance in Radiology Authors Dr . Nadine Koff President and Co-founder RealTime Medical Toronto Ontario, Canada Nadine.koff[email protected]   Prof . David A. Koff Co-founder RealTimeMedical, Associate Professor... Read more