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ICU Management


2013 05 Apr

A new iPad® program in the Maxine Dunitz Children’s Health Center at Cedars-Sinai (Los Angeles, CA, USA) is enabling mothers to bond with their newborns soon after delivery – even when parent and child are hospitalized on different floors. Moms who are not ambulatory after delivery, perhaps because of a cesarean section or other complications,...Read more

IMAGING Management


2014 08 Mar

The latest generation of iPads performed well when radiologists read CT angiography exams on them, according to Dr. Lorenzo Faggioni from Pisa, Italy who presented a study that  looked at the potential for primary reading of radiological images on an iPad at the European Congress of Radiology on Thursday. Now increasingly large data sets from...Read more

IT Management


2015 06 Aug

University of Cambridge researchers have developed a "brain training" iPad game that can help improve the memory and daily functioning of patients with schizophrenia. The game is aimed at improving an individual's episodic memory, one of the facets of cognitive functioning to be affected in schizophrenia patients. "We need a way of treating the cognitive...Read more

ICU Management


2016 07 Nov

An app for patients who cannot communicate has been developed by Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre’s intensive care department. The app (voICe) was released in Dutch in 2013 and is now available in English. It consists of 50 pictograms, for adults and children, grouped in 6 themes, that speak and show the text. When the pictogram is touched,...Read more

Executive Health Management


2021 18 May

iPads will be provided to ambulance crews across England to ensure that patients get the right care faster, the NHS brass has announced. Ambulance crews will utilise the 30,000 iPads to send photographs from the scene of an incident, so specialists on standby at hospital can initiate treatment right away when the patient arrives in the emergency...Read more