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ICU Management

Therapeutic Hyperthermia and Survival in Critically Ill Afebrile Sepsis Patients

2022 15 Feb

A major feature of infection is fever. However, less than half of critically ill patients with sepsis have a fever at the time of diagnosis. Afebrile patients with sepsis have nearly twice the mortality and are more likely to develop secondary infections than patients with fever. Fever is thus an adaptive response to the infection and is critical for... Read more

Executive Health Management

Hyperthermia. An amplifier for radiation therapy.

2018 07 Nov

Hyperthermia can further enhance the therapeutic outcomes of radiation and chemotherapy, while keeping side effects at a minimum. A treatment method with many advantages. What is hyperthermia? Hyperthermia is the intentional overheating for therapeutic purposes, either throughout the body or in individual organs. The method of directly... Read more

ICU Management

#EUSEM18: Treating drug-induced hyperthermia in the ED

2018 11 Sep

Hyperthermia is a life-threatening complication in a small number of patients treated with neuropsychiatric drugs or who use recreational drugs. Philippe Hantson, MD, of the Louvain Centre for Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, Belgium presented recommendations for treating patients with drug-induced hyperthermia at EUSEM18, the European Society of... Read more