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Executive Health Management

Pod-and-huddle ED Model Speeds Processes

2015 23 Nov

Emergency departments (ED) are usually designed in a linear flow, attaching nurses or physicians to particular patients and specific tasks. However, this type of system is vulnerable to uneven staff low, high patient levels, and a backflow of ED discharge.  If an ED was designed to be more versatile and facilitate more effective teamwork, it would... Read more

Executive Health Management

#ArabHealth 2015: Standing Safety Huddle Improves Performance

2015 26 Jan

Patient safety is a major undertaking and leaders must have missionary zeal to create a culture that is just, said Janice Murphy, Chief Operating Officer, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhabi, speaking at Arab Health at the 6th Middle East Quality Management Conference. Safety huddles are not the forum to solve global safety issues, she emphasised.... Read more