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45th World Hospital Congress Opens with Statement on Sustainability

2022 09 Nov

The 45th World Hospital Congress officially opened today with a statement from the International Hospital Federation about its commitment to raising awareness and support hospital managers to act to deliver sustainable healthcare. Members of the global community of hospital and healthcare service providers at the IHF’s General Assembly voted... Read more

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Innovation and a Unique Experience at EAHM 2019

2019 26 Aug

The 28th congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) will take place in Ghent in Belgium from September 11–14. Danny Havenith, congress chairman spoke to and shared the unique experience that will be offered to participants at the EAHM Congress 2019.   The congress theme of Innovative Healthcare... Read more

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Value-oriented management

2019 22 May

A leadership model for the health care sector   In medical institutions, leaders are required to ensure, through delegation of responsibility, that working conditions are characterised by interdisciplinary thinking, team-oriented work and ongoing improvement.   Leaders in the health sector must be aware of the fact that hospitals operate... Read more

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29th European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) Congress 2020

2020 30 Sep


Executive Health Management

A Hospital Manager’s Guide to Antimicrobial Copper

2015 18 Dec

Upgrading selected touch surfaces to Antimicrobial Copper is a simple but effective measure that is shown to reduce costly infections, freeing up beds and clinical resources and improving patient care. After a very short initial payback period, significant long-term savings are possible.   How much are your clinical touch surfaces costing you?... Read more

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Hospital Managers Need Clearer Information for Decision Making

2015 21 Sep

A study was conducted to evaluate hospital managers' need for information when determining whether they should invest in new treatments. Fifty three hospital managers from nine European countries were interviewed to gather the information. Findings of the study show that hospital managers considered clinical, economic, safety and organisational aspects... Read more