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ISICEM e-Day - Hemodynamic Monitoring

2021 01 Jun

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ICU Management

Getinge launches NICCI – the latest innovation in Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring

2020 26 Oct

NICCI is Getinge’s latest innovation in Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring, providing continuous and noninvasive hemodynamic insights to reduce the risk of severe complications for patients with low blood pressure. Blood pressure is one of the most important variables evaluated during almost every surgical intervention, but recent... Read more

ICU Management

Getinge webinar

2020 13 Aug

COVID-19 Case presentations - Ventilatory Management and Hemodynamic Monitoring in an ECLS/ECMO Center Time: 8:00 AM EDT, 12:00 PM UTC, 2:00 PM CEST, 3:00 PM EEST Duration: 90 minutes Speakers: Prof. Dr. Philipp Lepper Saarland University Hospital in Homburg, Germany Philipp M. Lepper is Associate Professor at the University... Read more

Executive Health Management

Heart Failure – Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring on the Rise

2020 09 Mar

Heart Failure (HF) is a major and public health problem as it affects at least 26 million people worldwide and will dramatically increase with an ageing population. Currently 5.7 million people suffer from HF in the US with an expected 46% increase in prevalence by 2030.[1] This is an alarming number especially when accounting for increasing health... Read more

Cardiology Management

Echocardiography for Hemodynamic Monitoring 2019

2019 19 Nov

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State-of-the-art syncope assessment

2019 22 Feb

Aspects & challenges - Approaches & tools Head-up-tilt testing (HUTT) and autonomic function testing are essential diagnostic procedures in syncope assessment. With the advent of unique innovative methods to noninvasively monitor beat-to-beat blood pressure, cardiac output, total peripheral resistance as well as autonomic regulation, highly efficient... Read more

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IFAD 2019

2019 29 May

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ESICM Regional Conference - Hemodynamic Monitoring 2017

2017 15 Jun

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