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Cardiology Management

For heart patients, moving around every 20 minutes could prolong life

2018 24 Oct

Heart patients spend most of their waking hours sitting, lying down, and watching television. New findings presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC) 2018 may give them enough motivation to have a more active lifestyle.  In a bid to prolong life, according to researchers, patients with cardiovascular disease need to interrupt sedentary... Read more

Cardiology Management

Artificial Intelligence Assists in Treatment of Heart Patients

2017 17 Jun

A clinical study was recently launched by Finnish researchers to use the latest analytical methods to recognise myocardial infarction patients at high risk of complications. The University of Tampere and TAYS Heart Hospital use artificial intelligence technologies for the home care of heart patients. Their goal is to predict complications as early... Read more

Cardiology Management

Small, Local Cardiac Rehab Centres Equally Effective

2015 17 Nov

According to new research from the University of York, smaller and more localised cardiac rehabilitation (CR) centres are as effective as larger ones. The study is funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and is published in Open Heart .  This is the first study of its kind and was conducted by researchers in the Cardiovascular Health Research... Read more

Executive Health Management

Valley Hospital's Mobile Integrated Healthcare Program

2015 23 Apr

An innovative program has been implemented at The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ that aims to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital stays. As part of the programme, teams comprising of a paramedic, critical care nurse and EMT will make house calls on heart patients soon after their discharge. Lafe Bush, a paramedic and director... Read more