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HIMSS to Showcase Community Care Outcomes Maturity Model

2023 01 Jun

The recently ended pandemic ushered in new policies and expectations regarding the delivery of healthcare services.   There is a clear imperative to manage the surge in demand for care and to better manange virtual delivery models, so that patients can connect with care when it is urgently needed. Digital health transformation can help health... Read more

Health Management

Business Continuity Management in Medical Technology: Ensuring Uninterrupted Healthcare Services

2023 22 May

The article emphasises the importance of Business Continuity Management (BCM) in medical technology to ensure uninterrupted healthcare services. It discusses the need for BCM, challenges in implementation, benefits, and best practices. The focus is on identifying potential disruptions, developing response plans, and maintaining effective communication.... Read more

Executive Health Management

Affidea expands in Spain and Northern Ireland, With two acquisitions

2021 03 Nov

The Hague, The Netherlands, November 2nd, 2021 As part of its strategic vision to further expand its business model towards outpatient care services, Affidea, the largest European provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services has today announced acquisitions of two reputed operators in Spain and Northern Ireland, adding... Read more

IMAGING Management

Affidea Expands in Hungary by Acquiring MSB & Strengthens Its Position In The Outpatient Care Market

2019 31 Oct

This is the 5th acquisition that the Group has made in the last six months which strengthens Affidea’s private outpatient service portfolio   In a bid to strengthen its private outpatient service portfolio, Affidea announces the acquisition of Medical Service Budapest Kft (MSB), an important outpatient healthcare operator, delivering healthcare... Read more

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Monitor Me! Infographic

2019 26 Aug

An overview of mHealth and its application and implementation in healthcare. Read more

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Meet your new designer: the patient

2018 31 Jul

Unlike providers who only see the care that they're directly engaged in, the patient sees “the big picture” of care – from the diagnosis to treatment of an ailment, including (outpatient) support services. This kind of experience gives patients a different view on what happens in hospitals and other health services. And their "insights” can be... Read more

ICU Management

ResMed to Acquire Brightree® for $800 Million

2016 29 Feb

- Strengthens ResMed's global leadership in connected healthcare solutions, adding to software revenue growth opportunities - Enhances ResMed's portfolio of software solutions to drive efficiencies for customers and improve outcomes for patients, providers and payers - Accretive to gross margins and non-GAAP diluted earnings per share - ResMed to hold... Read more

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Patient Hospital Quality Reviews on Yelp

2015 16 Aug

Patients today often use third-party review sites to review hospitals and share their experiences as well as find out what others have to say about healthcare facilities. One such platform is Yelp, a site that contains reviews about hospitals and other healthcare entities including nursing homes and dialysis centres. Now, Yelp is expanding the information... Read more

Health Management

Clinical Leadership and the Challenge of Change

2014 08 Nov

Key Points • Having clinicians involved in management improves outcomes for patients and saves money. • Partnerships between clinicians, professional organisations and managers has allowed spread of innovation at scale in Ireland. • Clinicians and managers are together the stewards of healthcare. • “what’s well-made endures, and shines on”.... Read more

Health Management

Healthcare Services in Cyprus: In Transition to a National Health System

2014 08 Mar

Author Mamas Theodorou, PhD Associate Professor in Health Policy and Planning Open University of Cyprus Introduction Cyprus, a European Union (EU) and Eurozone country, is an island republic covering an area of 9,250 square kilometres... Read more