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2016 17 Jan

The healthcare industry is expected to boom in the years to come with a projected growth rate of 26.5 percent from 2012-2022. Patricia Pittman, PhD, codirector of the GW Health Workforce Institute at George Washington University and associate professor of health policy and management points out that by 2022, one in eight jobs in the US will be in...Read more

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2016 26 Jan

Healthcare leaders who are flexible and innovative can help advance the goals of population health management (PHM), including better health, better care, and lower costs. An article in Executive Insight discusses four leadership imperatives that will spur progress towards meeting these goals. Imperative 1. Commit to a New View of Healthcare...Read more

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2016 19 Feb

As American healthcare continues to experience enormous change,  Siemens  and  Disney  have joined forces to create a valuable and enriched senior leadership educational experience - one that addresses the need for comprehensive leading-edge strategies for:   ♦  Generating customer loyalty and excellence   ♦  Creating and maintaining your organization's...Read more

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2017 27 Sep

EAHM Congress in Belfast in 2017. The theme ‘Leading the Future of Healthcare’. We believe that to meet the challenges facing health and social care managers across Europe and beyond – of rising demand, greater focus on quality, safety and experience, constrained resources – we need to work together. In Northern Ireland we have a unique model of integrated...Read more

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2019 14 Sep

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2017 18 Feb

Kirsten Mecklenburg Turner has been named executive director at Virginia Mason Institute. The institute, a division of Virginia Mason Health System, provides education, coaching and facilitation to health care organizations worldwide to improve patient safety, quality and efficiency. Turner, formerly the institute's director of client services and...Read more

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2017 30 Jun

Recently, Modern Healthcare published its list of the 50 most influential physician executives and leaders. The list included only seven women. There were seven in 2016, nine in 2015, and eight in 2014. Women comprise less than 10 percent of that list. As you will see, the math does not add up. You might also like : Women in Leadership in Intensive...Read more

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2019 04 Nov

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2019 22 May

How and where can precision medicine and public health join forces to improve patient care and outcomes and, ultimately, lead to more efficient healthcare. spoke to four precision medicine experts for their views. You might also like: Precision Medicine: the future of health   Tienush Rassaf  Department Head...Read more

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2020 19 Oct

POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19 HEALTH CONCERNS FROM APR TO OCT 19-20 "Where Great Minds meet Today to improve the Health of the society Tomorrow." Read more

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2020 23 Mar


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2020 23 Jun

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2021 20 Sep

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2021 14 Dec

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2022 09 Oct

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2022 29 Apr

An overview of the challenges faced by the National Health Service (NHS) and measures that can be used to help the NHS deliver and transform care in 2022. Key Points As the immediate demands of the pandemic response diminish, the NHS continues to face unrelenting pressure. The vaccination programme and management of increased demands from...Read more

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2024 29 May

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