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Google Unveils Wristband for Health Monitoring

2015 28 Jun

Google's latest gadget, a sensor-packed wristband, is designed to help medical professionals track vital signs of patients during clinical trials and drug tests. Developed by Google X, the search giant's life sciences research division, the new wristband can measure pulse, heart rhythm and skin temperature, and also other things such as light exposure... Read more

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Patient Monitoring Technology Coming to UK Hospitals

2014 24 Oct

St. George’s Healthcare NHS Trust (“the Trust”) - which incorporates one of the UK’s largest teaching hospitals - is setting a new standard for patient care in the UK, having agreed a landmark £2.5 million deal with Philips Healthcare to install state-of-the-art monitoring technology.   Designed to support improved clinical decision making and... Read more

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Stick It On: The Skin Patch For Electronic Health Monitoring

2014 09 Apr

Engineers at the US University of Illinois and Northwestern University have showcased soft stick-on patches thin enough to move and stretch with the skin, and equipped with chip-based electronics for latest technology enabled wireless health monitoring. The researchers have published their design in the April 4  issue of ‘Science’. An innovative... Read more