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Executive Health Management

2023 11 Oct

Building a Sustainable, Inclusive and Digital Health System Read more

Executive Health Management

2023 14 Jul

A new study led by researchers at Penn State revealed that phone data may not accurately reflect under-resourced vulnerable populations.   New, convenient data sources like mobile phones can offer important insights into these populations, however it is essential to acknowledge and address the potential biases associated with these data sources....Read more

IMAGING Management

2023 15 May

Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) found that after analysing crowd-sourced sets of data used to create AI algorithms from medical images, most did not contain demographic data. In addition, they found the algorithms were not evaluated for inherent biases.   This implies that researchers or clinicians who may...Read more

ICU Management

2023 13 Mar

What will be the consequences of the new German law of criminalising ex-post triage? Will it result in more legal disputes, ethical dilemmas and preventable deaths? Or will it achieve its goal? As the COVID-19 pandemic hit mankind, many healthcare systems worldwide faced a widely unprecedented shortage of personnel, pharmaceuticals, equipment...Read more