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IMAGING Management

Cybersecurity Challenges for Medical Imaging

2020 19 Oct

Cybersecurity issues have been affecting the healthcare sector in recent years. As the use of the internet has expanded over the last two decades, hospitals worldwide have also adopted technology. Patient health information and electronic health records are now used routinely in healthcare.    However, while this adoption of technology is a positive... Read more

IT Management

Cybersecurity: Key Best Practices for Protecting Health Data

2019 19 Nov

With digital technology now widely used in healthcare, from doctor appointment scheduling apps to telehealth systems, risks of patient data being hacked have increased immensely. As such, the concept of "patient wellbeing" has evolved to include data privacy and protection.   This change is not surprising considering that, given recent high-profile cyberattacks –notably... Read more

IT Management

How to Fix Internal Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

2019 29 Oct

Healthcare remains a favourite hunting ground for hackers. The month of April (2019) saw a record high number of 44 healthcare data breaches, affecting information of 686,953 individuals. Common tactics employed by hackers were phishing, ransomware and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.   However, in addition to external threats,... Read more

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New ransomware threats

2017 12 Sep

Hackers and cybercriminals always try to outsmart their targets. The best way to keep your organisation safe is to stay one step ahead of these attackers, according to an IT expert. "There's a new ransomware variant making the rounds, and it may prove more productive for attackers and more problematic for healthcare security teams. Rather than the... Read more

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Fighting 'Dark Web' Hackers

2017 24 Jul

The "dark web" is something hidden from most users of the internet. This is because the dark web lies within what is known as the deep web – a part of the internet not indexed by search engines and without registered websites and domains. Special software is required to access the dark web, which is especially designed not to allow one to find identities,... Read more

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Trapping Hackers

2017 20 Jul

The "art of deception network" provides an added dimension to the protection of sensitive health information. This new method uses little bits of code – placed at strategic points throughout a network – to lure cyberattackers, slow their progress and ultimately trap them. “A deception network is numerous sets of lures or traps strategically placed... Read more

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Hackers Target Junior Staff

2017 28 Jun

Cybercriminals are adjusting their social engineering tactics to focus on the more vulnerable members of an organisation: the junior staff. While top executives who usually have wide-ranging digital access can be considered as prime targets, they also are likely more capable of protecting themselves and their assets against possible phishing attacks.... Read more

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Hackers Shift Focus to Unstructured Data

2017 03 Apr

The number of healthcare records accessed by cyberattacks in 2016 is lower compared to the previous year's tally, according to a new report from IBM. In total, 12 million records were compromised in healthcare – keeping it out of the top five most-breached industries in 2016. See Also : 10 Ways to Enhance Cybersecurity Protection The report,... Read more

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Hackers Breach Emory Healthcare's Patient Records

2017 07 Mar

Emory Healthcare's online appointment system has been hit with a cyberattack earlier this year, affecting the records of some 80,000 patients. After removing the appointments database, the hackers demanded a ransom to restore the site. Emory did not say whether it paid the ransom. See Also : Ransomware Seen as Medical Device Cybersecurity Threat... Read more

Health Management

Prognosis Negative

2016 01 Jul

THE HEALTH SECTOR’S CYBER -HYGIENE EPIDEMIC Nietzsche said, “ All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity ”. Unfortunately, for the health sector the issues of ransomware, malware and hackers must worsen before things improve. This is not a sadistic estimation; rather, it... Read more