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Hackers Shift Focus to Unstructured Data

2017 03 Apr

The number of healthcare records accessed by cyberattacks in 2016 is lower compared to the previous year's tally, according to a new report from IBM. In total, 12 million records were compromised in healthcare – keeping it out of the top five most-breached industries in 2016.See Also: 10 Ways to Enhance Cybersecurity ProtectionThe report, "2017 IBM... Read more

IT Management

Hackers Breach Emory Healthcare's Patient Records

2017 07 Mar

Emory Healthcare's online appointment system has been hit with a cyberattack earlier this year, affecting the records of some 80,000 patients. After removing the appointments database, the hackers demanded a ransom to restore the site. Emory did not say whether it paid the ransom.See Also: Ransomware Seen as Medical Device Cybersecurity ThreatThe Atlanta-based... Read more

Health Management

Prognosis Negative

2016 01 Jul

THE HEALTH SECTOR’S CYBER -HYGIENE EPIDEMICNietzsche said, “All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity”. Unfortunately, for the health sector the issues of ransomware, malware and hackers must worsen before things improve. This is not a sadistic estimation; rather, it is... Read more

IT Management

Dummy Network Could Protect Against Hackers

2015 12 Sep

With cyberattacks on the rise, a California-based security vendor now provides "deception technology" to better protect IT systems. The technology is used to detect bots and APTs inside the network, data centre, and cloud before the data is breached. Tech startup Attivo Networks specialises in creating a complete “site of deception” inside a network.... Read more

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Hackers Could Have Uploaded False Patient Data Via Flawed Mobile App

2015 31 Mar

Two flaws in a mobile medical app that might have permitted fake patient data to be uploaded have been fixed by German software company SAP. Although the issues were addressed before any damage was done, it is a reminder to healthcare organisations about the ongoing threat of security issues which could have devastating medical and legal consequences. SAP’s... Read more

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Consumers Hack Their Own Medical Devices

2014 06 Oct

To overcome the limitations of current technology, "citizen hackers" are now finding ways to hack their medical devices and gain access to data that would otherwise not be available to them. NightScout, a system developed by a constellation of software engineers, many of whom have diabetic children, is an open source system that hacks the Dexcom glucose... Read more