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ICU Management

Study: Microbiome Disruption May Have Key Role in ARDS, Sepsis

2016 18 Jul

Researchers from the University of Michigan (U-M) Medical School have found culture-independent evidence that the lung microbiome is enriched with gut bacteria, both in a murine model of sepsis and in patients with ARDS. In more severely critically ill patients, lung bacteria were more outnumbered by the misplaced gut bacteria. The researchers conclude... Read more

Cardiology Management

New Way to Prevent Heart Disease

2016 16 Feb

Stanley Hazen, MD, PhD, Chair of Cellular and Molecular Medicine and colleagues made a landmark discovery four years ago that linked intestinal bacteria to heart disease. The team found the bacterial waste product TMAO is formed when the digestive system digests nutrients carnitine and choline. High levels of TMAO are associated with higher rates of... Read more

Cardiology Management

Treating Heart Disease Through the Gut

2015 19 Dec

Researchers at Cleveland Clinic have shown that by targeting microbes in the gut, it may be possible to prevent heart disease caused by nutrients contained in a diet rich in red meat, eggs and high-fat dairy products. The research is published in Cell .  This is the first time this approach has been adopted and is baed on a previous discovery that TMAO... Read more