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ICU Management

Patient-Centred Critical Care for Multimorbid Patients

2021 14 Sep

Our population is ageing, and with increasing longevity, the prevalence of chronic conditions is also increasing. Multimorbidity is thus becoming a major challenge in the world of critical care.   Multimorbidity refers to the co-occurrence of two or more chronic conditions in an individual. The combination of certain diseases in patients can trigger... Read more

ICU Management

Time to focus on geriatric critical care

2018 16 Jan

The growing number of older adults is placing critical care medicine in a precarious position. The ageing demographic is already evident in the ICU, where the "oldest old" (85 years or older) account for more than 20% of admissions. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of evidence to guide the management of critical illness in older adults, according to... Read more