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Enterprise Imaging

CCM Survey: Genomic Testing and Precision Medicine

2020 10 Aug

The U.S. Center for Connected Medicine (CCM) conducted an expert survey in March 2020 on the adoption of precision medicine programmes in health systems and application of genomic data management strategies.   You might also like: Health Informatics – ‘Lost Tribe’ No More   The survey (Center for Connected Medicine 2020)... Read more

Executive Health Management

Informed Opinions on Genomic Data Use: Control vs. Money

2020 12 Mar

How much value is there in genomic data donated by the public to companies? How these data might be used? Should providers be compensated somehow? As soon as people become aware of these issues, they start questioning the use and security of their genetic information, shows a recent research.   You might also like: Germany Joins ‘1+ Million... Read more

IT Management

'Genome Cloaking' Protects Patient Data

2017 29 Aug

A new technique known as "genome cloaking", developed by Stanford University researchers, ensures only patients have access to their complete genomic sequence, according to a study published in the journal Science. Using cryptography to hide almost 99 percent of genetic information, the cloaking technique keeps a patient’s private genomic data protected... Read more