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Genes That Cause Obesity

2021 04 Oct

Scientists from University of Virginia have identified 14 genes that could cause weight gain and three that could prevent it. The team developed an automated pipeline to test hundreds of genes for a causal role in obesity. During the first round of experiments, the scientists have discovered more than a dozen genes that could be playing a role. This... Read more

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Innovative Prognostic Test for E2F4 in Breast Cancer

2015 12 Jan

Researchers at Dartmouth Hitchcock’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC) have identified a gene signature in E2F4 that is predictive of oestrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer. With the aim to design an accurate and simple genomic test to measure the activity levels of the regulators associated with E2F4, the investigators looked to the aberrant... Read more

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Functional Medicine: A Holistic Treatment Approach

2014 10 Nov

The Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, OH, USA) formally opened its Center for Functional Medicine (CFM) on 23 September 2014, making it the first large institution to offer the functional medicine model to its patients.    CFM has its own staff composed of four physicians, a nutritionist and a health coach. Leading the team is Dr. Mark Hyman, a pioneer... Read more

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Biomarker Predicts Aggressive Prostate Cancer

2014 04 Oct

A new study has identified a biomarker living beside the KLK3 gene that can predict which GS7 prostate cancer patients will have a more aggressive form of cancer, according to a Science Newsline report. The KLK3 gene is located on chromosome 19 and is responsible for encoding the prostate-specific antigen (PSA). Results of the study published in... Read more

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Scientists Create Artificial Network-Like Cell System

2014 25 Aug

Scientists at the Weizmann Institute have created an artificial, network-like cell system that can reproduce the dynamic behaviour of protein synthesis. This is a significant achievement as it will not only enable scientists to gain a better understanding of basic biological processes but may also pave the way toward controlling the synthesis of both... Read more

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Never Grow Old? Maybe One Day.

2014 03 Jan

In the fight against aging, restricting calorie consumption is among the few actually proven methods. The underlying mechanism is still unknown, yet calorie restriction has been shown to prolong lifespan in worms, yeast, flies, monkeys, and as per some recent studies, in humans too. Keren Yizhak is a doctoral student in Prof. Eytan Ruppin's... Read more

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Large Scale DNA Study Offers Clues for Rheumatoid Arthritis

2013 27 Dec

An international team of researchers has conducted the largest genetic study ever, and by involving almost 30,000 patients it was possible for them to identify in excess of 40 new areas in DNA that increase a person’s risk of being affected by rheumatoid arthritis. The scientists’ work consisted of comparing the DNA of arthritis... Read more

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Tumour Promoting Gene Discovered

2013 09 Dec

More than one per cent of all cancer patients carry a gene which drives the development of tumours, and it is the first time ever that researchers have identified the gene CUX1 to be widely linked to cancer development. According to the team of researchers, deactivating CUX1 activates a biological pathway that enhances tumour growth. Drugs inhibiting... Read more

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Cancer Treatment Response Impacted by Tumours’ Oxygen Levels

2013 08 Nov

According to a recent study conducted by scientists from the Manchester Cancer Research Centre and published in ‘Clinical Cancer Research’, cancer patients’ treatments could be tailored to their personal needs by using their tumour’s genetic make-up in order to evaluate whether additional drugs could benefit their radiotherapy programme. It... Read more