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Axe the fax: 95% of security-threat devices to be decommissioned

2018 20 Sep

Fax machines, decommissioned by some industries years ago, are still widely used within the NHS. However, the use of outdated IT systems and processes, such as fax machines, is "downright dangerous,” as noted by the UK's Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock, during a keynote speech in Manchester earlier this month. It's therefore quite... Read more

IT Management

Network security angst? Ditch your fax

2018 22 Aug

Afraid of committing a security faux pas? Then it may be time to discontinue using those fax machines. New research from Check Point has uncovered a vulnerability in the ITU T.30 fax protocol that could be hacked to launch a cyberattack and gain access to a network.  Based on Check Point’s "Faxploit" research, fax machines can be hacked to... Read more