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Mouth Care Challenges and the Use of the COVID-19 Oral Grading System

2021 22 Feb

This paper describes the experiences of the Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) service at Nightingale Hospital, adapting to changing demands, which included upper airway challenges associated with extubation and oral management in patients with COVID-19. Background The London Nightingale Hospital was set up in response to the COVID-19... Read more

ICU Management

Making Decisions During ICU Night Shifts: Challenges and Considerations

2020 11 Aug

We review the decision-making processes during night shifts focusing on the perspective of residents and fellows. We explore nighttime decisions about extubations, ICU discharge, withholding/withdrawing and night shift cross-coverage. T aking a night shift in the ICU can be challenging, particularly from a resident/fellow perspective.... Read more

ICU Management

Liberation from Mechanical Ventilation

2019 20 Jun

Over 1 million people patients throughout the world receive mechanical ventilation for acute respiratory failure. The management of these critically ill patients and liberating them from invasive ventilation is one of the most important decisions clinicians have to make. Liberation from ventilation is also a major dilemma for clinicians because... Read more

ICU Management

UK study: extubating ventilated patients on vasoactive infusions 'safe'

2018 11 Jul

In a large single centre study, 21 percent of intubated patients who received infusions of vasoactive infusions while mechanically ventilated were extubated for the first time while still receiving them. Coincident with their earlier extubation, these patients' ICU length of stay was shorter without an increase in ICU mortality, hospital mortality... Read more

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Are Nighttime Extubations More Risky?

2016 18 May

A study presented at the American Thoracic Society (ATS) 2016 International Conference in San Francisco today has found that overnight extubation in intensive care units (ICUs) is associated with higher likelihood of being reintubated as well as higher mortality. Lead author Hayley Gershengorn , MD, assistant professor at Albert Einstein College... Read more

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Study: Sedation Protocol Does Not Reduce Time of Respiratory Support

2015 21 Jan

The use of a nurse-implemented, goal­-directed sedation protocol compared with usual care did not reduce the duration of mechanical ventilation in children with acute respiratory failure, according to a University of Pennsylvania-led study published in JAMA . Sedation therapy benefits critically ill infants and children; however, it is also associated... Read more

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Post-Operative Intubation and Acute Kidney Injury

2014 09 Oct

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a common complication after cardiac surgery and is generally associated with a poor prognosis. It is also an independent mortality factor in cardiac surgical patients. Cardiac surgery is typically performed under general anaesthesia with patients mechanically ventilated in the postoperative period until they have achieved... Read more