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ICU Management

Sepsis 2021

2021 28 Oct

Hybrid Event  Read more

IT Management

Digital Contact Tracing: Case Study from Spain

2021 31 Jan

A new research looks into the use of digital contact tracing (DCT) technologies during the pandemic, based on a real-life controlled experiment in Spain.   You might also like : Automated Contact Tracing: Is It Efficient?   While several countries have deployed DCT applications, to date there is no evidence that such digital... Read more

Executive Health Management

Pandemic Control: New Dynamic Metrics for Proactive Action

2020 08 Dec

Without a national and coordinated response to COVID-19, the United States has been ineffective at preventing and mitigating the escalating pandemic. What the country needs, according to new research ( Post et al. 2020) , is a dynamic public health surveillance to better inform prevention efforts.   You might also like: COVID-19: Immunity-Based... Read more

Health Management

Protecting Vulnerable Populations from COVID-19

2020 12 Nov

Why health governance and operations matter to implement interventions fast. Bavarian perspective Elderly residents of long-term care facilities have been among the groups most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many other countries, Germany and its states have implemented targeted measures to manage the pandemic. Bavaria specifically... Read more

Executive Health Management

Explaining Linear COVID-19 Spread

2020 27 Aug

During the initial wave of the COVID-19 contagion, many countries recorded infection curves that were linear for extended time periods. This linear growth over an extended time interval is in contrast to the S-shaped curves expected from standard epidemiological models.   You might also like: Mobility, Connectivity and Pandemics of Modern... Read more

Executive Health Management

COVID-19 Transmission Among Close Contacts

2020 22 Jun

New research from Guangzhou, China has found that severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the pathogen that causes COVID-19, can be transmitted faster within households as compared to SARS-CoV and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV).   You might also like: Alternating Lockdowns and Relaxation... Read more

IT Management

Contact Tracing: Looking into Technologies and Adoption

2020 09 Jun

The choice of the mobile technology used for contact tracing substantially affects the social and economic cost of quarantine policies, while the adoption rate can be lower than commonly thought.   You might also like: COVID-19 Contact Tracing: Apps vs. Manual Work   The importance of monitoring and controlling emerging infectious... Read more