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ICU Professionals’ Knowledge of End-of-Life Decision-Making Law

2022 13 Sep

There are laws regulating healthcare practice at the end of life. Most healthcare professionals rely on their clinical knowledge to inform treatment decisions during this time. However, the extent to which the law informants their decision-making at the end of life remains uncertain.  In this study, the researchers describe what healthcare professionals... Read more

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Blue Ridge Hospice Names Jason Parsons Chief Business Development Officer

2022 19 Apr

Blue Ridge Hospice has named Jason Parsons Chief Business Development Officer for the highly regarded 41-year-old mission-driven provider of serious illness and end-of-life care. As Chief Business Development Officer, Parsons will be responsible for planning and implementing strategies to lead Blue Ridge Hospice as it navigates the ever-changing,... Read more

ICU Management

Should Families Be Allowed To Visit Dying COVID-19 Patients in the ICU?

2021 24 Aug

COVID-19 has drastically changed how end-of-life care is practiced in the intensive care unit. Safety concerns for society limits family visitation but is contrary to patient and family-oriented care. This article provides an ethical analysis of the pros and cons of having family members present at the death of a COVID-19 positive ICU patient and... Read more

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COVID-19 Spurs Advance Care Planning

2020 22 Oct

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted the public to become more aware of and interested in advance care planning, with a growing number of patients exerting efforts to have their wishes properly documented so that they would be respected, finds a new study (Funk et al. 2020).   You might also like: Critical Care at the End of Life: A Study... Read more

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High-Risk Sepsis Survivors and End-of-Life Care

2020 03 Mar

Sepsis is a common condition encountered in hospitals and is associated with high morbidity and mortality. However, with advances in treatment, aggressive management and early institution of antibiotics, the number of sepsis survivors has increased. Each year in the US alone, over a million patients are discharged after being treated for sepsis.... Read more

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#EUSEM18: End-of-life care in the ED

2018 12 Sep

Nobody goes into emergency medicine to care for dying patients, but people do die in emergency departments, and end-of-life care could and should be better in the ED, said Mary Dawood, RN, of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, speaking at the European Society of Emergency Medicine congress in Glasgow this week. She noted that EOLC in... Read more

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End-of-life care: drawing the line for futile interventions

2018 06 Sep

Many patients near the end of life are subject to rapid response system (RRS) calls. A study was conducted in a large Sydney teaching hospital to identify a cutoff point that defines nonbeneficial treatment for older hospital patients receiving an RRS call, describe interventions administered, and measure the cost of hospitalisation. "Identifiable... Read more

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2018 23 Apr

Who should read You Can Stop Humming Now ?   Everyone and anyone! These are the stories of what comes after the medical miracles, when the sirens and flashing lights have gone quiet, behind curtains and closed doors. In this book, you will meet those whose lives have been extended by days, months or years as a result of our treatments... Read more

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Volume 18 - Issue 1, 2018

2018 16 Mar

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Variation in end-of-life care

2018 16 Mar

Do we need yet another standard operating procedure? Variability in end-of-life care would seem to demand a standard operating procedure, but a roadmap towards harmonisation arguably would be easier to implement. Mainly due to enormous pharmacological and technological innovation during the last decades, intensive care medicine can... Read more