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Executive Health Management

Millennial Nurse Leaders Must Learn Empathy

2016 12 Feb

According to an article published in Becker's Infection Control & Clinical Quality , hospital executives need to understand a few key principles to teach younger nurses so that they are able to be the next wave of leaders in the field.  While there are time-tested principles/practices already in place, they way they are delivered to this new class... Read more

ICU Management

Clinical Care, Emotional Labour and Empathy

2016 02 Feb

Empathy should not only be expected from doctors, but should be actively promoted, assisted and cultivated in the profession, argue Angeliki Kerasidou and Ruth Horn from the Ethox Centre, University of Oxford, writing in BMC Medical Ethics . They contend that doctors need space to acknowledge and reflect on their feelings and have support for their... Read more

Executive Health Management

Teaching Doctors Empathy

2015 21 Aug

Conflicts between doctors and patients are not uncommon. Often, patients disagree with their doctors regarding drug prescription while doctors remain closed-minded about patient feedback and alternate solutions. Since doctors have a position of power in a patient-doctor relationship, either the patient has to cave in to the doctor's decision or the... Read more

Executive Health Management

Patient Care: How Important are Placebo Effects?

2015 08 Jul

Placebos have been used to ease pain and other symptoms for centuries and are used in clinical trials as controls for testing new drug therapies. Citing growing evidence that placebo effects can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of pharmaceutical therapies, a “Perspectives” article in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) proposes a central... Read more