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Mortality Differences in Critically Ill Elderly During COVID-19

2021 29 Sep

A study was conducted to assess the outcome of elderly intensive care unit patients who were treated during the spring and autumn surges of COVID-19 in Europe. The COVIP study included patients aged 70 years and older who were admitted with COVID-19 from March to December 2020. A total of 2625 patients – 1327 from the first surge of the pandemic... Read more

Ageing Population

2020 14 Sep

T he process of ageing cannot be defined by a number. The World Health Organization classifies anyone over the age of 65 as elderly. However, it is important to understand that ageing is a complex process, and we must consider physiological and cognitive vulnerabilities when talking about ageing as they can make some elderly people more prone to... Read more

Challenges in the Management of Severe SARS-CoV2 Infection in Elderly Patients

2020 14 Sep

Elderly patients have damaging and serious complications when they acquire SARS-CoV2 infection. It is thus important to consider this particular age group for better management of COVID-19. The gradual reversal of the population pyramid that has developed in recent decades has resulted in older adults being mostly affected in a pandemic... Read more

What Intensivists Can Learn From Geriatric Medicine

2020 14 Sep

In this article we discuss mind, mobility, medications, multi-complexity, and what matters most. These are key domains from geriatric medicine that are relevant to the practice of intensive care medicine. The notion that advanced age is a sufficient reason to decline admission to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is no longer widely accepted... Read more


2020 14 Sep

Problems associated with ageing, complications of critical illness in the elderly patient, and an overview of the gaps in the treatment of critically ill older adults. Read more

Ageing Heart Cells Increase Susceptibility of Older Patients to Severe COVID-19

2020 20 Aug

Genes that play an important role in allowing SARS-CoV-2 to invade heart cells become more active with age, according to research published today in the  Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology . The findings could help explain why age is major risk factor for dying from COVID-19, with people over 70 years at greatest risk, and why the disease... Read more

Pessimism in providing critical care for elderly patients

2019 29 May

A recent study conducted in France investigated the association of age with long-term mortality after discharge from the ICU. Another subset of this discussion relates to the critically ill elderly patients who have higher mortality compared to younger patients as well as longer lengths of stay in the ICU prior to death.  There has been a... Read more

LIVES 2017: Did routine admission of elderly patients reduce mortality?

2017 27 Sep

Among critically ill elderly patients in France, a programme to promote systematic intensive care unit (ICU) admission increased ICU use but did not reduce six-month mortality, according to results of the Intensive Care for Elderly-CUB-Réa 2 (ICE-CUB 2) trial published in JAMA to coincide with presentation at the 30th European Society of Intensive... Read more

ICU Admission for the Very Elderly: A Cost Analysis

2017 23 May

Considering the poor clinical outcomes, and that many intensive care unit (ICU) admissions may be undesired by very elderly patients (aged 80 or older), ICU costs in this population are substantial, according to a new study published in the journal Critical Care. "Our finding that a preference for comfort care predicted a lower cost independent of... Read more

Study: Four Predictors Indicate Mortality Risk in Elderly Patients

2016 20 Sep

Four risk factors comprise an easy-to-remember, objective, and practical Risk Scale that has been developed by a group of Canadian researchers to predict mortality risk at time of ICU admission in patients aged over 80. The researchers hope that following validation the Risk Scale can be used to inform decision-making in these patients, and thus close... Read more