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Executive Health Management

Pandemic’s Economic Impact Could Linger for Decades

2021 19 Apr

Social networks can be an important determinant of a country's growth. Not only do they help diffuse ideas and push progress, but a new paper argues that they can also play an active role in diffusing diseases that can rapidly spread and dampen growth.   You might also like: Over 5 billion euro for European Healthcare Contributors... Read more

Cardiology Management

COVID-19: Do No Harm or Do Maximal Good?

2020 12 Oct

The "Do no harm" rule is encoded in the Hippocratic oath taken by physicians when they graduate. But this rule has taken on a whole different meaning during the COVID-19 pandemic. During these times, the maximisation principle has proven to be the foundation of healthcare decisions, where actions are taken based on benefits to the greatest number of people.... Read more

Executive Health Management

How Blockchain will transform healthcare

2019 21 Jan

Adoption of distributed ledger technology will benefit patients and providers Blockchain is more than just a technology that allows us to do what we already do better, faster and cheaper. This peer-to-peer new technology has the potential to create a more inclusive economy, where patients can benefit from health data ownership. One... Read more