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ICU Management

Why the Microbiome Matters in the ICU

2016 19 Oct

The potentially transformative role of the microbiome in managing infectious and inflammatory diseases in critically ill patients and leading to more personalised innovative microbiome-targeted therapeutics is explored in an article in press in the Journal of Critical Care. “The evolving field of microbiome research is likely to transform the current... Read more

ICU Management

Targeting Gut Bacteria May Help Burn and Trauma Patients

2015 09 Jul

A new study published in PLOS ONE shows that burn injuries could trigger dramatic changes in the 100 trillion bacteria inside the gastrointestinal tract. Researchers found a huge increase in Enterobacteriaceae, a family of potentially harmful bacteria, in patients who had suffered severe burns. There was a corresponding decrease in beneficial bacteria... Read more

Executive Health Management

Microbiome Disruption Ups Sepsis Risk in Hospitalised Patients

2015 04 Jun

A new University of Michigan and VA study shows that older adults are three times more likely to develop sepsis — a body-wide catastrophic response to infection — in the first three months after leaving a hospital than at any other time. Notably, the risk of sepsis is 70 percent higher for those who received care that is likely to alter the balance... Read more