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Executive Health Management

Asia Pacific Drug Formulation & Bioavailability Congress

2016 04 Feb

Asia Pacific Drug Formulation & Bioavailability Congress” which will be held fromSeptember 05-07, 2016 in Beijing, China. In this regard, we would like to have your cooperation as media partner for our upcoming conference and galvanize the scientific community. Formulation-2016 Theme: Advanced Formulation perspectives for Comprehensive Bioavailability The... Read more

Executive Health Management

New and Advanced Therapy for Chronic Inflammatory Disease

2014 29 Jul

The pharmaceutical industry and scientific researchers are developing new and improved drugs for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. According to statistics, there are approximately 300 million people who suffer from asthma worldwide. There are an additional 600 million who live with chronic pneumonia. Nearly 30% of the global population... Read more

Cardiology Management

Testing Drugs with a Simulated Human Heart

2014 24 Jul

Dr. Helen Maddock, a Coventry University Scientist and an expert in cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology from the University's Centre for Applied Biological and Exercise Sciences, has developed a new technique that uses samples of beating heart tissue to test the effect of drugs on the heart. This is done without using any human or animal trials.... Read more

Executive Health Management

EAHP: Apps Involving Medicines Should Have Pharmacist Oversight

2014 08 Jul

The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) has responded to a consultation by the European Commission advising that any mHealth applications linked to the use of medicines must have levels of regulatory oversight, ideally involving pharmacist expertise, in order to ensure their safety.
The European Commission launched a consultation on... Read more

Executive Health Management

Frost & Sullivan: Volume Rises, Value Falls for Healthcare M&A Deals

2014 13 May

Patent expiry, together with an increase in generic competition in the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, is expected to bring a number of deals.According to newly released analysis from Frost & Sullivan entitled “Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Trends in the Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry”, evolving conditions in the marketplace... Read more

Health Management

Pharmacy and Health IT

2014 08 Mar

AuthorJohn ChaveSecretary GeneralPharmaceutical Group of the European UnionA patient walks into a European pharmacy. She hands a paper prescription to the pharmacist. The pharmacist is unfamiliar with the prescriber, and struggles at first with the handwriting, but after a call to the physician, the medicine and its dosage are clarified. The medicine... Read more