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Health Management

Volume 19 - Issue 1, 2019

2019 21 Jan

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Executive Health Management

Transforming lives a drone delivery at a time

2019 21 Jan

Rwanda leading the way with life-saving drone tech Rwanda shows how rapidly-developing drone technology can improve healthcare infrastructure at a national scale. In late 2016, the Government of Rwanda entered a Public Private Partnership with automated logistics company Zipline to deliver blood and medical supplies,... Read more

Executive Health Management

Drones in lab operations

2017 20 Sep

Transporting medical samples in far-flung areas is challenging. These samples must be stored with the right level of temperature during the long-haul travel. This is where the use of drones will be a big help. In a new study, researchers were able to transport chemistry and haematology samples to a site 260 kilometers (160 miles) away using a drone.... Read more

ICU Management

Drones May Improve Response Times for Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests

2017 16 Jun

According to a study published by JAMA, in simulated out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCA), drones carrying an automated external defibrillator (AED) arrived in less time as compared to emergency medical services. There was also a reduction time of about 16 minutes.  OHCA has a low survival rate, around 8 to 10%. The most important factor... Read more

ICU Management

3 Uses for Drones in Emergency Medicine

2017 11 Feb

1. Search for Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Drowning Victims Using a drone to locate submerged drowning victims could save time  by transmitting aerial video of the search area to a tablet. A simulated study from Scandinavia (Claesson et al. 2017), of 20 searches for a manikin using a drone compared to a search party of lifesavers alone, found... Read more