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Cardiology Management

Faster, Cheaper Cardiac Imaging Test for Developing Countries

2017 30 May

Results of the INCA-Peru study reveal the development of a faster and cheaper cardiac-imaging test that can be used in developing countries. Findings were presented at EuroCMR 2017. The new cardiac-imaging test is believed to be three times faster and costs less than one-fifth. The test also changed clinical management in nearly 33% of patients.... Read more

ICU Management

Quality Care for Critically Ill Should be Goal for All

2016 21 Mar

A viewpoint article in JAMA suggests that while more beds and a focus on quality will improve critical care in developing countries disease-specific and setting-specific factors need to be factored in. Problems in the care for critically ill patients in developing countries go beyond the ICU. Because of a lack of appropriate ambulance and out-of-hospital... Read more

ICU Management

Nigerian Doctor Invents Portable Low-Cost Ventilator

2016 19 Jan

Nigerian doctor, Dayo Olakulehin , has invented a cheap, portable, easily deployable, easy to use and rechargeable battery-powered ventilator, according to a report in Nigerian newspaper The Guardian . The D-Box, just launched in Lagos, costs around 100 times less than a conventional ventilator at an introductory price of US$300. Conventional ventilators... Read more

Executive Health Management

World Cancer Day: Cancer Services Investment Could Save Millions of Lives

2015 04 Feb

On World Cancer Day 2015, leading global public health experts from the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) announce that millions of lives can be saved through affordable increases in the investment into cancer services throughout the world, to tackle the increase in cancer cases through population growth and ageing, particularly in developing... Read more